Saturday, June 8, 2019

SuperPayMe and Survey Junkie Question

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I recently just signed up for SuperPayMe since SurveyJunkie won’t let me redeem and they have absolutely no form of customer service so I was told SuperPayMe pays for real and has a $1 minimum but every time I try to do a survey for SuperPayMe it just sends me to another site and when I finish it doesn’t do anything. Can someone explain how I get points doing surveys for SuperPayMe and also...

I really like how easy it is to make money on SurveyJunkie as I’ve made nearly $20 in just 2 days but I tried to redeem it and it said it’ll call me for verification within 15 minutes but I never get a call and now the redemption page doesn’t even show the option to redeem with nobody from support reaching out for the past 3 days to help me.

Are both these sites even legit and can I even expect to get my earnings?

Submitted June 09, 2019 at 12:10AM by ShinjiBing

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