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I found a great company for starting a home-based business and it works like crazy.

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I Guarantee you will MAKE MORE MONEY!

I wrote that guide a little over a week ago and I got loads of responses, both with frequently asked questions, as well as suggestions for other sites to use. I'm going to try to made this guide in a similar style but I'll also be adding notes on how to use each site EFFECTIVELY.
Sites that easily pay over $6/hr.
Pinecone Research Link (NOTE: I believe they only accept certain demographics through their website. Most of the time I believe they sign people up through sites like Cashcrate and Fusioncash)
  • Earning potential: $9-12 or so a week.
Pinecone Research is essentially a better paying, less frequent survey site. Surveys are generally 20 minutes or so long and pay out $3 each. The most important thing to note with Pinecone Research, as well as with every other type of survey site, is to answer everything 100% truthfully. Lying on these sites may very well get you kicked off of them. Pinecone research is simple, you sign up for them, and then they will send you 3-4 emails a week asking you to participate in a paid survey. Once in awhile they'll send you a quick 5 minute unpaid survey, do them. They will help you qualify for more surveys in the future.
CashCrate Refer Link
  • Earning potential: Easily $10/day for an hour/hour and a half of your time.
How to make money with it: In a word, OFFERS. The offers on this site are by far the best I've ever seen on sites like it. Jump on the higher paying ($1+) surveys as soon as they pop up/you're emailed them. You can make money through watching videos and shopping as well. The offers are really the star of the show here. You can easily clear $10 a day just by doing the offers which are usually '$5 to start free trial' that you can cancel the next day or 'sign up for this newsletter'.
I check cashcrate daily for new offers. I typically make $5-10 a day just from offers in about 30 minutes of searching and completing. Sometimes you will have to buy something but you'll end up making more than what it cost. For example, there may be an offer to buy a $4 item (with free shipping), but the offer is for $6. So you get $2 and essentially a free item.
Like I said earlier about the surveys, they aren't THAT great. The surveys on clixsense and fusioncash are much better but occasionally there are surveys there worth completing. Oddly enough the daily surveys on cashcrate seems to be even better paying than the daily surveys on clixsense and fusioncash from the same company.
If I had to give a step by step guide for utilizing cashcrate to its full potential it would be this:
  • Log on early on into working
  • Check offers
  • Look for offers worth doing. Free trials and samples are usually very lucrative on this site.
  • Log on when you're about ready to stop working
  • See if any new offers worth doing are there
Clickworker Link
  • Earning potential: Anywhere from $6/hr to $30/hr. Very volatile.
You're going to want to sign up for UHRS through Clickworker, that is the only real way to make money on the site sans a handful of writing jobs and $3/hr jobs. The way to sign up for UHRS is to complete the following assessments on clickworker
  • The English Language assessment (may be a different language if you don't live in an English speaking country)
  • The Author/Writing assessment
  • UHRS assessment #1
  • UHRS assessment #2
None of these assessments are difficult in any way if you're fluent in English. You shouldn't have any trouble getting into UHRS. However, occasionally the assessments for UHRS are down for a few weeks depending on how much work is available or if there is a technical issue of some sort.
When you're on UHRS look out for the better paying HITapps. Namely SEB/mSEB but also HITs like explanatory QnA. Each of those you have the potential to make $20+/hr on, along with a few other apps. Most will yield a lower amount, such as $6-10/hr.
Prolific Academic Link
  • Earning potential: Easy $6-9/hr
The story of Prolific Academic is really similar to Clickworker. The work is extremely volatile. Complete your basic profile and start participating in studies. I personally haven't had a lot of luck with this site but it was highly recommended in my last guide.
Sites that often pay $6/hr
Clixsense Refer Link
  • Earning potential: $6 an hour is pretty common here if you do the daily checklist bonus. I almost put it in the first category because of that.
Clixsense has several different ways to earn money:
  • PTC ads. Essentially you get a cent or less to click an ad and remain on the page for an amount of time proportionate to the amount you make. These aren't very lucrative but they're worth doing some of for the daily checklist bonus.
  • Offers. Not much to say here, some are worth doing but they're generally the same offers on Cashcrate but at a lower pay. I wouldn't recommend doing offers here.
  • Surveys. Easily the focus of Clixsense. Hop on the higher paying ones as soon as possible. The daily surveys seem a lot better here than anywhere else when it comes to being qualified.
  • Clixgrid. You pick random squares and view a website for a moment and you have a chance to win up to $10. It's actually pretty easy to win at least something, most days I make at least $0.10 from it.
  • The daily checklist. This is the most important thing to do. If you're a premium member (you can buy it with the money you make from surveys/etc if you don't want to spend money you already have) you can get up to +16% of whatever you made that day. Definitely do this every day. You'll typically make around $10 a day at least on surveys so that's an extra $1.60 a day just from 5 minutes or so extra of work.
FusionCash Refer Link
  • Earning potential: $4-6/hr
This is another survey site but it's definitely one of the better ones, almost as good as Clixsense. The offers here are better than clixsense but not as good as cashcrate. Hop on the $1+ surveys as soon as they become available to you. Complete the basic profile surveys in order to more easily qualify for better surveys. There is definitely potential to make $7+ a day here in an hour or so. Definitely do the PTC every day, easy extra $4.5 a month.
Something important to note here is that a lot of things on this site are bonuses. The $5 you initially receive is a bonus, DQ bonuses are well, bonuses, and I believe even some offers can be bonuses (but most of the time not, I think only the daily cash email is a bonus though I'm not quite sure). You need $25 to check out and at least $15 of that mustn't come from bonuses. Easy enough to do since the big way to make money here is through surveys.
Textbroker Link
  • Earning potential: Varies based on your writing speed and skill level. Anywhere from $4/hr to $25/hr typically. If you're 5 star you can make even more than that.
As far as content mills go Textbroker is my personal favorite. Granted, you aren't going to want to continually write for Textbroker if your goal is to become a freelance writer. However, I'm starting to branch out into freelance writing myself and I find that Textbroker really provides experience in that regard. The pay isn't bad for content mills and is actually pretty good for entry level requirements.
At four stars you'll be making $0.014 a word, which translates to $14/1000 words. To get to four stars is simple, either your initial writing has to be good enough (truthfully as long as you're a decent writer and have good English you shouldn't have any problems getting to be a 4 or even a 5), or you start out a bit lower and as your writing improves so does your rank. Five stars is $.05 a word but from what I've seen it's really hard to get into.
Sites that occasionally can pay $6+/hr
Postloop Refer Link
  • Earning potential: Realistically around $4/hr but can be $6/hr if you're really, ridiculously fast.
This site usually won't make you $6/hr, in fact I don't think I've ever made $6 an hour on this site. But I included it for the reason that there's no age minimum on it and that there's no restrictions to any country. As long as your English is good you'll be at least 4 stars, which will enable you to post on most sites and if you're a fast typer earn at least $4/hr. Here's what you should do to get at least 4 stars:
  • Go to the practice/tryout forum
  • Make around 7-8 well structured, 4-5 sentence each posts.
  • Make around 2-3 interesting and innovative threads with at least 6-7 sentences each.
  • Use perfect grammar and spelling when writing these. Though something as small as a comma splice will most probably be overlooked
  • Post in more than one category.
As for actually earning money, I would suggest looking first and foremost at the sites you actually want to post. Then once those forums are done for look for the ones with higher posting limits. Some forums even have unlimited posting limits, I assume that if you were to make $6/hr posting it would be on those forums.
Please remember to not spam and keep your posts to at least 3-4 sentences on those forums. You get graded by the owners and can easily tank to below a 4.
  • Which of these sites can non-US citizens sign up for?
  • Clickworker, Clixsense, Textbroker, and Postloop are the ones I know for 100% sure
  • How do you get paid?
  • All of these sites pay through Paypal. Though some of them may want to send a check for your first payment.
  • Are these sites legit?
  • Yes
  • I'm under 18, can I sign up for these sites?
  • I'm unsure about most of them but I don't believe Postloop and Slicethepie have age requirements
  • How many hours a day do you spend working on these sites to make $50 a day?
  • It varies. Typically anywhere from 4-7 hours.
  • Do you really make $6/hr on those survey websites?
  • Yes. The key is looking for the better surveys (over a dollar) and consistently doing surveys in general. Not only will you get better at doing them, the more you do for each site the less likely you are to be disqualified from my experience. I'm unsure if that's all of them or just some sites but I feel it on all of them.
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