Saturday, June 8, 2019

My Earnings for the past 2 weeks (NO BOSS, NO COMMUTE, I LOVE IT!)

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So I recently lost my job as a marketing and sales manager for a small business that went under. I honestly hated my life going into work just to sit at a cubicle with no sign of a ladder to succeed so I’ve decided while I search for the best possible job (some may call it a “real” job since Postmates and what not are looked down upon even though I think it’s worth the freedom) I’ve decided to focus my time and energy on doing anything possible to earn money in the mean time. Here are my current earnings for the past 14 days so far:

Postmates: ~$1500.00 (worked daily for past 14 days) DoorDash: ~$150 (only worked a few days) LuckyDay App: $10 cash redemption and two $5 Starbucks gift cards SurveyJunkie: $20 (started 2 days ago, but won’t let me redeem so waiting for support to redeem) SwagBucks: 356 points (only do it while waiting for orders on Postmates) Receipt Hog: 350 points (Conversion is about $1.50 per 100 points with redemption at around 1000)

I also will start doing Uber and Lyft once I get my car inspected but I just wanted to share with people who look down drivers that this isn’t just a joke job but you can earn a living doing it as long as you hustle and have the “drive” to make money! So please tip your drivers as they probably rely on this work for some reason whether it be to get by or make extra money to afford something! Also cash tip is always the best as is independent contractors get taxed up the wahoo for every cent that isn’t cash so please if you use Uber/Lyft/Postmates/DoorDash etc. PLEASE if you can tip with cash as it goes a long long way for hard working hustling men and women!

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