Friday, February 19, 2016

International GPT Site - Is TreasureTrooper Legit? 2016

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TreasureTrooper Register Here
They have Daily survey bonus if you complete them every day. Sweet promos to earn extra cash on top of what you're already earning.  You can play a game on the site to raise dragons which you can sell for up to $100.
1).Chat room and the dragon game. TreasureTrooper has a neat feature where you raise dragons, breed them and fight them. Dragons can be sold for from $5 to up to $100 for rare breeds. You earn the game currency “scales” in the chat room, which is available to International users. If you chat for an hour, you get two scales. If another user completes a survey seeker you can congratulate them to get one scale three times a day. Other users can shoot you with arrows, another in-game currency. You can shoot others too! Every other day there’s an “arrow storm” of 100 arrows in the chatroom. There are various other promos as well.
2.) Cash Tasks. Cash tasks through CrowdFlower are available to International users. They pay  usually  around $0.02-$0.07USD per task, up to about $0.60. The average task that I do is $0.06.

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