Thursday, June 13, 2019

Is there a good way to make money online?

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I'm having a lot of trouble finding a part-time job in my area and my bank account is literally in the double digits. I've applied to like 20-30 places and never even been offered an interview.

I've still been searching but is there a way I can make money online? The advice I find via Googling is bad, either being something you need a well-established fanbase/reputation to make money off (Blogging, fivver, email lists, videos, tutorials, articles), or a survey-like thing that barely pays you anything (signups, surveys).

I've made some money doing tasks in /r/slavelabour but it's nothing I can make a living off of. I figure I can do Internet work for people and get pay for it but I have no idea where to find people looking for that.

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