Thursday, June 13, 2019

SayABC - GET HIRED - I love my job

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My name's Ollie and I work online for a Chinese company called SayABC. SayABC provides an international learning experience for 5-12 year old children in China.

I have loved every minute of my time working for them. They are very responsive to queries and the kids are simply great and are there to learn and to have fun. It also has a fantastic curriculum. I'd recommend them!

As a teacher, you can earn up to USD $19 ($15 base, and $4 bonus per lesson based on attendance and productivity) per 40 minute class.

Simple application process:

  1. Apply online (use my referral link -
  2. Pre-recorded interview OR interview with a recruiter (two options in fantastic).
  3. Complete 6 self-study modules (teaches you about the company and the platform they use. 30 min minimum).
  4. Have a mentor session with another SayABC teacher (this part I found super useful).
  5. Book and conduct your EVALUATION CLASS WITH A REAL STUDENT (you have two opportunities to pass).
  6. HIRED and ready for booking (after you upload your documents and open your time slots).


  1. Native level of English
  2. Be equipped with computers with fast internet connection and audio/video capability
  3. Bachelor degree or above (or final year student)
  4. Minimum one year teaching experience
  5. Certificated in TEFL, TESOL or any other relevant teaching certificates is preferred

If it sounds like something you're interested in, apply through my link and referral code and i'll help you get hired!


Code: E1F6RF


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