Sunday, June 2, 2019

I am looking for transcription work online that averages $5-$6/hr

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Hey everyone!

I am looking for a reliable form of online work that nets me about $5-$6/hr. I am currently on Mturk and enjoy doing transcription tasks from Crowdsurf Support. I type fast, it's super easy work, and I can average about $5-$6/hr whenever tasks are available.

However Mturk can be dry sometimes. I would like to find some type of transcription service to work for that has tasks pretty much any hour I want to decide to work.

I am also open to other type of online work outside of transcription, so long as it is reliable and nets me $5/hr. I'd even be happy with reliable $4/hr work at this point. does not hire people from California so that option is out.
-UHRS closed my account. Doesn't matter as it was always dry.
-Finished my social media evaluator contract with Appen, so that option is also out. Lionbridge and other social media evaluator sites haven't responded to my applications.

Thank you all!

Submitted June 02, 2019 at 06:27AM by CallMeRoni

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