Sunday, June 2, 2019

Get in up to the surve sites and do surveys when you would do nothing productive

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This sounds like a pyramid never going to happen thing but it works.

Firstly you are being paid for giving data so if you're uncomfortable with that don't read further.

I had a tough start being self-employed but since 2 years I'm member of four German survey panels, I mostly get Amazon contact vouchers.

But I'm making 30-50€ a month so over 300-500€ a year. Whenever I'd okay since senseless game I started a survey.

It's not a fortune but I started to buy rewarding things only with vouchers (last time a band saw, and some OTG cables or Vinyls) you can treat yourself or get a panel that it's via PayPal to get to cash, it's bit much but it can help through tough patches and a small side incomee with not much work, it's not as good pays as a real job.

But, 300-509 is a nice little profit for hobbies or buying meals.

Check the panels you want to join first of course if they are legit..

I hope this helps someone n

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