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Anyone with experience working as an iSoftStone Online Ad Evaluator - I have a few questions

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I just recently went through the training process and passed the first test, but failed the second one (at least I thought). Afterwards, the person who contacted me at iSoftStone messaged me again saying to disregard those results and that I actually passed and could start working (pretty sure because I wrote in many disagreements, and they realized many of the errors were actually on their part). So my contact sent me the documents to sign before starting but I currently haven't signed yet, as I have concerns about some of the details in the contract, which are:

  1. The contract seems to say I need to work at least an amount over 10 hours/week even though the job listing says we can work between 10-25/week (I have other work right now so I was planning to do just 10 hours starting out). Are you required to work more than 10 hours/week, or are you actually able to work only 10 hours/per week and I'm just reading it wrong?
  2. It also seems to say I need to do a certain hits/hour at minimum (about one every 30 seconds). This doesn't seem realistic with the kind of accuracy they want, and they didn't include a rate like this in the training or on the tests. It took me over 2 hours to do 50 on the test (about one every 2.5-3 minutes). Many of these judgments require research which can take several minutes at least. And that doesn't even account for ones I might have to write disagreements for, which is another significant timesink. Is this amount per hour about what they require of you, or do we actually have 5 minutes per hit that they give us?
  3. And it also has a cryptic section about our payments that sounds like it's saying the company can choose to not pay us or even have us refund money to them it's already paid if we give them work but it doesn't meet their standards. Considering the first two issues and the fact that we only get paid once a month, I'm concerned that if I sign and try working for them for a month I won't get paid for it based on their criteria. So my question, in this case, is simply: will I get paid for the work I do even if I don't meet their requirements exactly?

I tried emailing the person I've been talking to about these issues but he hasn't responded to those messages even after several days for some reason, which is weird because every other time I've asked him questions he's responded in less than a day. At the moment I'm not planning on signing unless I hear back from someone about this. The job itself seems frustrating enough because they require you to give an exact right answer or else it's considered wrong on many things that could be considered open to interpretation. I've worked for Leapforce before and they usually gave you a range of right answers for search results which seems a lot more reasonable and also didn't grade you on literally every result you ever worked on. One more question then for anyone who has worked as iSoftStone Ad Evaluator and also as iSoftStone Search Engine Evaluator: is the Search Engine Evaluator job more lenient or less frustrating? And would my contact be able to switch me over to that if I asked them maybe?

Any help with these would be greatly appreciated!

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