Sunday, June 2, 2019

aspiring college student, no car, need at home job very badly... help, please?

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I’m currently living 12 hours from my mom on my own trying to save for a car to go to college/find a better job. I’m working at a place a short walk from my apartment but I’m only getting 15-20 hours a week. I can barely afford to pay my part of the bills since I lost my ride to the previous job I had where I was financially secure. Basically I just have this job to get my phone bill & portion of bills for the apartment I share paid.

I need something that would allow me to keep this job as currently I am only able to eat from my discount since I work in food most days...

It has to be online. I have no way to get a ride to the city 15 minutes away on a regular basis. Preferably flexible and legitimate. I’m talking maybe hourly pay? I’d like to keep my job in person and work this job as well, only because I cannot afford to quit and wait for my first paycheck. I’m good with computers, people, and organizing. Amazingly fast typer. And great at troubleshooting!

Please help Reddit 🙏

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