Wednesday, May 29, 2019

I feel guilty for spending $ on my skin care routine

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I just need to vent:

I feel incredibly guilty for spending some serious $$$ on my skin care routine.

For the record: I have Sebhorric Dermatitis, cystic hormonal acne, various skin allergies, and a mild case of rosacea.

Financial breakdown of my guilty sins;

*I spend roughly $24 a month on a Curology skincare subscription (i.e. dermatologist prescribed lotion that arrives in the mail once a month; insurance won’t pay for local offices so I feel forced to order Curology monthly)

*I have went overboard to find a suitable moisturizer, and daily sunscreen. I have spent a total of $300 over the past two months.

I did the dumbest thing thinkable: I dipped into my savings account for skincare products.

I work just a part time job, earning roughly ONLY $13,000 a year. I live with relatives or else I would be homeless. 90% of my check goes towards bills.

I am in the process of finding another job, but I feel like an idiot to dip into my savings for skincare.

My skin sensitivity has driven me crazy with the startup of spring weather. But I know everything I bought could’ve waited until I landed another job.

To be fair, this is the most I have spent on myself in years. But I hate my skin, and I hate how I dipped into my savings to ‘save’ it.

I fucked up. Like big time. Sorry I just needed to vent. :/

My skin is looking, and feeling, better though.

Most of the money spent was due to trial and error- I know most of what my skin likes/doesn’t based on past reactions, but everything I bought was non refundable.

Example: Out of 4 sunscreens, my skin could only use 1. The leftovers I am hoping to sell, or reuse (on my arms/general body so I don’t waste).

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