Friday, May 10, 2019

Get a year of Dashlane password manager premium for about $15.44 (usually $39.99)

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So I thought you guys might like this.

Recently I decided that using the same couple of passwords across loads of different sites (including my banking) was just asking for trouble. So I looked into different ways to be more secure. I won't bore you to death with how they work but it basically means you have a super strong password for every different site you use but only have to remember one master password.

I'll let you look into it. But Dashlane gets really good reviews so I thought I would go with that. After doing a bit of digging I've found that you can get it for super cheap.

1)Go to Quidco (cashback site) and make an account or login. Search for Dashlane. They are offering £3.50 cashback for me (I'm guessing about $4.50 for the Americans).

2) Head to dashlane and purchase a year. As a coupon use code WFPRH8257EQG

That should half the price, and with the cashback you should be looking at an end price of about 15 bucks.

No advertising here I just thought you lot who are security conscious might like it. Dashlane also has a (somewhat adequate) VPN built in. You can use it across all your devices and store receipts and stuff like that on it.

(By the way I found the coupon code by using 'Honey', which is a site that searches for different coupons. Absolute lifesaver.

No idea how long the coupon code will last though guys!


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