Friday, May 10, 2019

Gentleman Whats The Most You Would Pay For A Haircut?

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Ive been cutting my own hair for years now. Its anoying doing it by myself so my hair usually ends up longer than if I would go to a barber regulary.

Plus my bedroom lacks less space now after throwing away my old wardrobe and getting a new one. The space where Id put my tarp down on the floor is considerably downsized.

I'd have to move stuff out of my room and bring it back after I was done with everything haircut related. Lol I literally sit on the floor with my mirror on my wardrobe. It's a lot more stressful than just getting it done by a barber.

My room right now is a mess and it's helped me realise that I have to bite the bullet and just pay fir a haircut. I've been working on my mental health and socialising and getting out of the house is one of the things that I need to do to help me get better. So I'm kind of looking forward to it.

Now here's the issue. The following are prices from some of the barbers not that far from me: £6, £8, £12. I still have some calls to make before I decide going futher out of my area i.e walking about 15/20 minutes.

The cheapest haircuts I have seen have been at hair dressers for £5 but they are 15/20 minutes away from me. I also suffer from agorophobia. It flairs up the more I stay in so it would be way easier for me to go to places near my house.

Any guys ever gone to a hairdresser instead of a barber to get their hair cut? I wanted to go to a barber because a barbers shop is a place of masculinity where men feel comfortable.

Plus I'm usually not in the company of many males as my household is majority female and the other two men (father and lil bro) don't like me so don't talk to me.

On the other hand being in an environment with women would be good because I do want to start chatting to women as I usually don't talk to women outside of my house. In other words maybe just maybe I can somehow score there lol.

I highly doubt it right now and wouldn't even try asking for a woman's number at the point of time since the only 4 women I have ever​ asked out all said no.

I have a lot of work to do before a woman finds me worthy enough to be with. Still at least it will help me be comfortable talking with women. I can talk to women easily when Im not trying to pursue them but as soon as I want to ask them out I freeze and I hardly have anything to say.

So gentlemen if it wouldn't be too much if an imposition can you tell me your experiences going to a barber vs a hairdresser? How you felt? And ladies I would like your input too.

P.S the two cheapest ones that I was talking about, one is very big and open and the other is nice and cozy, smaller but I think I could have more personal conversations there as that hairdresser can't fit as many people.

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