Wednesday, May 8, 2019

15 Days in and feel like a lot of the time I am spending could be better directed. ~$115 earned so far.

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FIRSTLY, I AM IN CANADA, so certain options may not be options for me.

Okay, so I posted on r/workonline the other day and was given a lot of really amazing leads to research to see what might pan out.

Firstly I would like to say, that this community is awesome and I find this really inspiring (being a noob) how resourceful you all are as well as just overall helpful to people that are honestly interested in getting help.

Here is where I have been able to earn so far

App Flame - Cashed out $19.96, but after first cashout every time - coin amount dropped to about 8% coin yield for the same time requirements, so it is a waste of time at this point to continue.

Leger Opinion - $12.80

Daily rewards - $20.53

Qmee - $6.71

SlideJoy Lockscreen - 1310 carats (not even $2 but, its passive)

Prolific Academic -$17.79 with conversion

I-poll - $9

Embee meter CX - $2.30 equivalent

Receipt Hog - $1.07

Toluna - $2.10

Swagbucks - Spent $6.1 gained $24.55 so far.

One opinion - $2.25

InstaGC - $2.73

GG2U - $1.04

Also, I did the Blockchain- Coinbase XLM process but, I was stupid and was trying to figure out a few of these apps at the same time and although everything was going fine, I sent the transaction without including the memo address, I tried contacting coinbase but, have heard nothing. Anyone have a clue if I can do anything or is this a , "well at least it wasn't money I already had that I lost, even though that is kind of exactly what it is"?

Not sure what I should put more focus on than others, what others I am missing that should be included. And what major aspects I am overlooking for cash earning. I have access to both iOS (ipad) a PC desktop, a macbook and my Galaxy S8 to utilize for apps and websites for anything passive as well.

TLDR of the workonline post.

I am fighting for custody of my 5 yo son and cannot get a second job as every second week I have him and I live across the country from my family. I can spend roughly 155 hours a month working online. Please help me not lose in court because I don't have the money to pay legal fees at the pace I wish I could (account to date holding processes).

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