Wednesday, May 8, 2019

I'll Pay a Finder's Fee For Clients Who Purchase Articles

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Hi, I'm Terry,

I run a small writing services business. I'm looking to get a larger customer base for small orders that range around $50 for 500 word articles. My work is typically sold to websites that need blog content, or product websites that need articles to drive traffic. Anyone you send my way that commissions an article and purchases it will get you a finder's fee of $5.

All of my invoices are sent through PayPal to the customer, and you'll need a PayPal account to receive your fee once the transaction is final.

I'd much rather just work with real people than spend my marketing budget on AdSense. If you make me money, then I have no problem being a generous guy. I'd be willing to up the fee for productive affiliates.

It'd be ideal to have around five dedicated guys. The prices I'm quoting here are significantly lower than my standard rates, but I'm just testing the market to see what's possible. I want to connect with people like you to build a decent affiliate team later on.

I'm looking to increase my sales by about 300 articles over the next month. This offer still stands until I reach that goal. It sure beats spending all of your time taking online surveys to make close to nothing.

The Details:

1.You get $5 for each completed transaction that results from a referral you send.

  1. I only accept payment from customers through PayPal. Email correspondence is my method of communication when commissioned for an article. They'll send me the details of what they want (along with any keywords or formatting requests). The customer owns full-rights to the written content upon purchase to do anything they want with. All purchases are non-refundable once a payment is made. Content is delivered directly through Email in word document format.

  2. You should have the customer reference your contact information. You can alternatively send an email to me that states the contact information of clients you've referred. I need to know who to send the finder's fee to when the transaction is complete. You're finder's fee can only be transferred to your PayPal account through a payment invoice.

  3. No Inappropriate websites or shady content. That includes adult websites.

  4. Don't lie to anyone or spam anyone. I am completely against doing anything unethical. You're responsible for any actions you take.

Here are some tips:

My work is popular among male-oriented sites. That includes articles related to sales, marketing, men's products (shaving, skincare, clothing, apparel), industrial furniture, computer hardware, office management and HR, contracted services (plumbing, carpentry, construction, HVAC Air Conditioning), entrepreneurship, home improvement, AdCopy, Newsletters, personal fitness, and other related fields.

I want to avoid academic writing, press releases, law/legal, adult content, full website writing( about, contact, homepage, landing page, ect) and medical fields.

It's as easy as contacting a website owner through a forum or the contact section of their site. Your pitch is totally up to you. Just ask if they need a writer, and send them to me. You'll get paid when I get paid.

You can contact me through reddit if you're interested. You can quote whatever prices you want. the $50/ 500 words/ 10 cents per word is just a baseline. I usually charge upwards of 20-30 cents per word for this type of content. If they pay more, then I'll increase your finder's fee to scale ( 10% ). Try to keep the word count for projects less than 2000 words maximum.

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