Tuesday, June 11, 2019

[Giveaway] PrizeRebel Summer Contest ($10x5) Amazon Gift Cards!

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Hey Everyone,

Definitely been a while! We at PrizeRebel, wanted to kick off summer/summer break with a quick giveaway!

The giveaway is for 5X$10 Amazon USA gift cards. One for each of 5 winners.

This contest is exclusive to the sub beermoney only! Post a comment in this post to enter. Write about any upcoming summer plans for the next few months!

You must have made a comment/post on r/beermoney prior to this post to enter. This is to make it fair and stop people from entering with all their alt accounts.

Some information about PrizeRebel:

We have many offerwall and survey providers available including Peanut Labs, YourSurveys, Saysoforgood and much more! You can earn bonus points for meeting your daily goals.

We offer a competitive level based program that allow members to earn bigger percentage from your referrals, prize discounts, special bonuses, and automatic prize processing.

PrizeRebel offers over 200 hundred giftcards including Amazon, Walmart, Target, as well as Paypal with a minimum of $5 to cash out on most rewards!

End Date:

The giveaway will end in about 7 days(extended for a few more days) and post will be made announcing the winners when it's over.

Since this is a giveaway post let's just keep it to one comment per person so it will be easier to fairly pick a winner.

Come check us out at PrizeRebel!

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