Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Am I being too cheap or am I just being smart with my money?

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A little background. I’m 19 years old I live with my parents, I don’t pay for any big bills except for my credit card (discover $200) & car insurance ($280) I drive a bucket lol. I take home about $1000 every 2 weeks from work after starting a new job. I save $500 to my online ally account and then I save $200 in cash for an emergency fund that I hope slowly adds up. So I’m not left with much to spend. I try not to go under $1000 in my checking’s account, idk why I just feel comfortable that way. So if I have 1,050 I’ll say I have $50. And whenever I go out I try not to spend as much and be really frugal, or sometimes I’ll feel guilty for spending on certain things.

•So my question is am I being really cheap or am I being smart with my money and setting myself up for a great future financially?

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