Monday, May 13, 2019

Watch tips

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Does anyone know anything about the mechanics of the videos that would help in making them most efficient?

For example, I've been watching the 4-SB "News you can use!" for a good chunk today and, though there's been variability in video length, I perceive the overall total length is longer than when I started. Of course, as I type this, the videos went from 45-50 seconds to 20 seconds.

If there is a real increase in time between receiving SB, would switching to a different offer change that?

Likewise, has anyone compared the time or work efficiency of the 2 SB offers to the 4 SB offer? If I'm doing more than twice the work with these, the 2 SB offers would be better.

From an efficiency standpoint, I'm looking at the shortest time between receiving SB but the fewest clicks required because I'm trying to work. For example, I'd much rather watch one three-minute video with no clicking until the end instead of six thirty-second videos that require a click after each.

Thanks in advance.

Submitted May 13, 2019 at 02:26PM by infinitecipher

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