Saturday, May 11, 2019

Vikings: War of Clans (Palace Level 10)

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Just a FYI since there were a few threads earlier about this offer...

Vikings: War of Clans is now up to 1500SB on OfferToro. I actually started it when it was about half as much but was credited the full amount when I completed it last night. And it was an instant credit after the Palace finished upgrading to level 10, not 12 like the offer says.

If you've done other games like this before, it should be pretty straightforward. Make sure you have plenty of resources (lumber and iron, mostly) and just focus on doing the minimum requirements for upgrading the Palace. Join a clan, research economic skills (Oracle), and upgrade your Hero's skills when you get skill points (Hero's Abode).

I'm trying to get through it again for iOS now before they change the SB.

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