Saturday, May 11, 2019

Use BlueStacks to install apps which are some of the highest paying offers on sites. (plus other easy earnings)

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Several sites will be offering for you to 'install and open apps' to make sometimes 100x what their other offers are paying.

Simply install BlueStacks on your PC, which is a virtual android. Go to your website of choice and click on the 'install and open' app offers, or if you are feeling industrious, the ones which require you to reach a certain level or point threshold etc.

As it's on your PC on a virtual machine you will be barely using any space and can just delete it afterwards.

Other easy earnings

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This is the successor to and Simply open up 3 or so tabs of this and let it run in the background to accumulate unlimited earnings. Multiple websites to cash out on, some big and some absolutely unknown. My fav is Collectskins.


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This is a website with multiple offer walls including and minutestaff. Minutestaff allows you to quickly earn by simply going on a website and clicking a link. For instance, the highest paying offer pays 1 cent worth in Collectskin coins for simply going on a website and clicking a link. I like this website because it allows cashing out in the form of CSGO skins, Steam Gift Cards, Paypal and Bitcoin among others. Also gives out 2 free coins every 24 hours, which is worth 2 cents. Every 10 minutes there is a raffle which gives out 5 free coins worth 5 cents. Great easy earnings.

Pi network.

This is a mobile app which is still in very early alpha and is still a viable way to mine crypto. Because it is still in very early alpha getting in now is a great way to earn coin. I've only been on it for 36 hours and have well over 120 pi. It does unfortunately require a referral from an existing user. My code is : manilpwn

Pi is not on any exchanges and so the value can not be manipulated and so when it does go public it'll be a great idea to have some coin already.

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