Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Sold my car - cancel insurance or go with continuous liability?

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Not sure if this is the best subreddit for this, but guessing many here have experience saving money on car insurance. My rates were very low, but I've just moved to a city and no longer have need for a car. I've gone without insurance for a year one other time in my life, and it spiked my rates for over a year following when I was reinsured. For reference, I was paying $207 every 6-months for liability, and Geico is charging $100 every 6-months for "continuous liability" coverage. I don't really need the coverage, but I'm guessing that in a year or so I'll probably end up moving and needing a car again. Is it smart to pay ~$200/year so there's not a gap in my insurance? Or should I just cancel and take the risk that it's much higher when I get reinsured? Any experiences/advice welcome!

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