Monday, May 13, 2019

Question about the Lionbridge exam?

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So I've been applying like crazy to jobs for the summer and Lionbridge is something that I've had on the back burner as a last resort if I didn't get hired anywhere else.

I got hired on the spot for a part time job today and I have one interview tomorrow I'm going to for another part time job. I'm not sure if the second one will hire me or what.

The important thing is I will get all the Lionbridge exam information Wednesday and I'll have to finish it all by the 24th.

I would love to do Lionbridge in the fall since I'll be a full time student with a weird schedule, but if I get hired for the other job I'm interviewing for the summer, it'd be too much for me to take on right now.

Would Lionbridge be ok with this? Or would I be ineligible to have the job if I were to apply again at a later time (given that I pass the exam)?

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