Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Paytime will remove Paypal and Venmo

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The information I received from an email:

As you may have noticed, in the last couple of months we have been experiencing some delays in our subscription payments, with some users getting paid beyond our 72 hour window-policy. This has been due to a surge in new users, and also to Venmo & Paypal operating restrictions.

No more.

We are happy to announce our brand new Paytime pre-paid Mastercard card, replacing Venmo and Paypal as Paytime’s payment method. Here are some important facts and benefits about your new Paytimecard:

No more payment delays. From now on, once you earn your credit, you will get paid within the next 36h.

No more payment hassle. Put your Paytime card as the default payment method for your favorite subscription service. This way, payment will be automated, and you will only have to make sure you have enough credit in the card, by earning your monthly credit with Paytime.

Earn 5% cashback with every subscription.

The Paytime Card IS NOT a credit card, is not linked to a bank account, and, therefore, there is no possibility for you to get charged in any way. Think of it as a debit card, that you may charge every month using Paytime, instead of withdrawing from your back account.

As we scale up, we cannot continue to use Venmo and Paypal due to their operating restrictions, so the Paytime card is, from now on, our only payment method.

As always, please shoot us an email at if you have any doubts or feedback.

(I think we caused this to happen)

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