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Mistplay: Earn rewards by playing mobile games

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Hello all, longtime lurker making their first post, so please let me know if I leave any information out! I also found a few posts about this app via search, but they were from almost a year ago and the app appears to have updated/changed a lot since then.

I recently discovered Mistplay and I wanted to share. It's fairly passive (you can just leave the games running with your phone screen on) and I like the interface and details of the app.

To Earn:

Choose an game(s), download, and launch through the Mistplay app. While you play, you will passively earn Game Experience Points (GXP). According to the FAQ, you get 100 GXP per minute you play. As you keep earning GXP, you will get closer to leveling up the game. (This is not leveling up within the game, it's basically how much you play that specific game. You can level up each game you download.) Each level has a specific number of GXP you need to reach the next level.


What does leveling up do? Well every time you level up your game via GXP, you receive units and Player Experience Points (PXP). Units are the currency that you cash out for gift cards. PXP levels up your "avatar." I just think of it as my account as a whole. When you level up your account/avatar with PXP, you get a bonus: you earn 5 GXP MORE per minute. So after you level up your avatar to level 2, you earn 105 GXP per minute instead of the base 100. Also, according to the FAQ, leveling up your account/avatar "unlocks hidden features within Mistplay." Not sure what that is yet. As of right now I am level 5.


Another small way to earn units is with badges. Some games (not all) have badges you can unlock. I believe it's the same badges for all games. (Some just have less or more). You can make a purchase in game, reach a certain GXP level, play for a certain amount of time, etc. Once you unlock it you can claim your units. It doesn't give that many units but it's still an extra way to earn.


So TLDR: Download game, play game, earn GXP, level up the game and get units + PXP.


Mistplay offers Amazon, Virtual Visa, Google Play, Playstation, Xbox, Gamestop, iTunes, Nintendo, and Starbucks gift cards.The lowest cashout possible is $.50 Amazon, which costs 400 units. You can also buy different profile pictures/avatars with your units.


I cashed out $.50 Amazon and received it the very next day from Tango. Proof.


When you refer someone, they get a bonus 50 units. You get 100 units when they level up their avatar to level 4.


As far as I can tell, Mistplay is available globally. Gift card availability might be different, however. It's available on the Google Play store, and there is a beta app for iOS users. Instructions for that here.


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