Friday, May 10, 2019

Idle-Empire: Might Be A Scam, Is Definitely Untrustworthy

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I tested the first offer I received after making an account, and followed instructions perfectly.


Congratulations, you qualify for one of our high paying offers!

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Well, now is your chance. You can earn 600,000 points by depositing 10 CAD at the Eurogrand Casino.


Create a new account at the Eurogrand Casino through the button below

Deposit 10 CAD

Play with at least 5 CAD at the casino

Enjoy your $60 payout on Idle-Empire

Create Eurogrand Casino Account

Note: Please create a support ticket once you completed all steps, we will make sure you receive your payout.


Posted support ticket and waited a week for them to check.


There could be several reasons why the offer could not be approved but the main reasons are:

1) Very likely the user completed this offer via another source (i.e. not via KiwiWall), the tracking system is 100% reliable so if someone signed up via another wall or GPT site, we are not credited and thus not the user neither.

2) It could also be the user did not follow the offer instructions properly, for instance, he deposited the funds into sports and not the casino. This has happened to us many times before.

3) It could be the user had an account previously with William Hill and cannot open another account, so anything like this would not trigger an approval either. And there could be other reasons but these are the main possible reasons.

- The offer has been declined we have no way to influence this decision.


The above response is a copy-paste, and doesn't actually tell me why I was declined. None of the reasons given are accurate, and without more information, I can only conclude that it was a scam. I don't mind losing the $10 if I get to warn others about staying away from them. They should probably be added to the "Do Not Post" thread. I will update if I hear back from them. My reply to the above was basically that I would let people know that they can't be trusted.

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