Saturday, May 11, 2019

Frugality with a side gig.

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I work a pretty fair paying job in a LCOL area. Which is nice for me. I’ve got to the point where I’m “scared” of spending money on things I need. Yes, I want a new tv, a new Xbox, upgrades for my desktop, etc. however, I don’t NEED them.

I make roughly $75k a year. I also have a business on the side. Which brings in not a lot. Not worth noting. The thing is, it’s hard for me to release money to put into that business. I’ve owned another business before and come from a long lineage of small business owners. It really does take money to make money.

I find myself being frugal in every purchase I make and I find myself hesitating to purchase anything.

I read on here earlier someone saying that you need to basically let go of the frugality and simply just BUY what you need. Even if it’s uncomfortable.

Which I’ve been trying to do. Buying exactly what I NEED really does go a long way. Especially if I’m spending AFTER saving. It makes it more palatable. I really try to save 60%+. I can’t imagine making $120k. In my eye, if I made that much I would be essentially retired anyways. I’d live the way I do currently and not work any harder than I do.

How do you get over the “anxiety” of buying things over $20. It’s hard for me to YOLO and drop $1,000.

Recently I just tapped into my savings. Bought a crashed car that I am rebuilding. I plan to flip it for profit, and I’ve found most of the parts cheap. It’s one of the many side hussles I have. It’s hard to choke down $4k. How do you do it?

Dave Ramsey often approves of things like this. Vacations, etc. but what I’m purchasing is never luxury, it’s always an investment. Somehow my frugality still gets to me. Makes it hard to choke down still.

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