Tuesday, May 28, 2019

A little Shop & Earn PSA if you move house

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Yes, we recently moved. Immediately changed my address with Swagbucks, and am trying to get all accounts updated--but there are many. And it's not easy remembering them all. So, like most people, I update as needed.

This evening Hubby said he needed work clothes. I launched JCP through Swagbucks S&E, copied the 30% off code to clipboard. and started to shop. Updated shipping and billing addresses with JCP before checking out, and ... I don't know where the hiccup was, but it was definitely on Swagbucks' end.

Despite every effort to get the shipping address correct, every time I tried to check out it insisted it was shipping to my old address. I called JCP. The rep saw my order in progress, and SHE saw the correct shipping address, but on my end it kept the old shipping address. We tried placing the order, and the confirmation email showed the old address. JCP's rep canceled that order, even though their system showed the correct address. and I killed all the old tabs and started from scratch.

That did the trick. Something on SB's end had retained my old address and refused to let it update. Starting over from the S&E page AFTER updating JCP's site allowed the correct information through.

Just want to save others the headache and frustration I just went through. Moving house is difficult enough. Nobody needs the ghost of their old address haunting them through later shopping trips.

So if you plan to use S&E after changing your address, make sure you update your account with the store in question BEFORE clicking the Swagbucks link.

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