Sunday, May 12, 2019

$400AUD Down after a Major Weather Event and 2 days to Pay a bill, Where can I possibly make the money?

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So short story: I've been in a spot of unemployment and been looking for work both locally and online, meanwhile a $1000 dollar car bill has been slowly creeping up (It's that much because it's joint owned and a family member trashed the previous car) then bam, worst weather event in 40 years hits my town.

Thankfully nobody got hurt, but it did cause some damage that I had to fork out $500 to have repaired ASAP, whiiiiiiich as you might imagine has set me back BIG TIME, I've spent a whole sleepless week trying to gather the funds back up for it. Job opportunities locally are virtually non-existent for such short notice and time.

So I started working online and managed to scrape together $100AUD for it. But after placing a bid on /r/slavelabour for a task that was indirectly in violation of the rules, I was banned for 5 days. Poof. There goes my primary effort at doing odd jobs and tasks for cash. Good job me for not thinking.

As much as I would love to think that I could just post a pay-pal link and hope some kind soul comes along, that's not how the real world works and I'm out of time.

So I ask, where in the world online, can I possibly earn that money, In such a short amount of time. I'm not a creative person, nor am I skilled in things like web development or coding, I earnt some money doing professional writing (Resumes and linkedIn summaries and what not) in the past.

TLDR: I'm a mess, my desks a mess, I haven't had a proper rest in weeks, peace of mind and help, please.

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