Saturday, May 11, 2019

19yo m with $1800 debt getting a place

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I don't have much in the terms of personal belongings, I won't even have a bed or cookware to start with but this is the beginning of my life independent and I really could use a hand getting it off to the best start possible

-Makes between $400-$600 a week

-Car insurance 200 a month (looking for cheaper provider)

-Phone bill 80 a month (looking for cheaper provider)

-pays min of 120 a month towards debt (wanna pay it off quickly)

-Has clothes and hygiene basics (ok for now)

  • a 2yo laptop (covers entertainment, banking, etc)

-Drives an 04 jeep grand cherokee with engine issues and a transmission that'll need work soon so it's only really driven to and from work and to see SO on weekends (looking for a more efficient replacement)

-can cook basics so wanting to cut out fast food

  • doesn't need to go out to keep self entertained

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