Monday, June 10, 2019

Quick Thoughts and iPoll

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I used to use iPoll regularly and got payouts fairly regularly, but stopped quite a while back. Recently, I decided to dive back in for the hell of it. When I went to sign in, however, I apparently couldn't remember my password, and the forgot password option didn't work, as the iPoll app said I don't have an account. With that said, I decided to register a new one using the same email address I'd used before (I double-checked the email by verifying that it was the same one if previously received emails from iPoll, the last one of which was from March 2016). After some reading, I learned that iPoll and Quick Thoughts were owned by the same company, so I figured I'd give that one a go as well. The login credentials I used to sign up for iPoll weren't working in Quick Thoughts, so I created an account through that app using the same email. All was well for a few hours. I even did a survey in the iPoll app that took me about half an hour or more to complete. The reason the survey took so long is because as I finished sets of questions, it asked two or three times if I wanted to answer more questions in exchange for a larger incentive. I decided to continue since the technological subject of the survey was actually something I am interested in. At the end of the survey, as it was submitted and I was returning to the main screen if the iPoll app, instead of being rewarded for completing the survey, I was instead greeted with a message saying that there is a problem with my account and that is need to contact support. At that point, I was also greeted with the same message in the Quick Thoughts app. I contacted support last week, and received the following response:

Unfortunately, the accuracy and attentiveness of your account activity has been flagged, and upon review of your account, we have been forced to suspend your account.
As a member of our program you may only have one account, provide accurate profile information and survey responses. You must also be thoughtful and attentive in responding to our surveys. When we have concerns about any of these program rules we are obligated to take steps to investigate and unfortunately suspend accounts.
We do not take account suspension lightly and do so only when account issues have been identified. At this time your account has been indefinitely suspended and you will no longer be able to participate in surveys or claim rewards from our website.

It's pretty clear to me that my account has been banned. I'm not sure exactly why though, and I'm not sure if there's anything else I can do. I was very attentive to the survey questions and my responses, and didn't even answer them very quickly at all.

Is this a common problem? Has anyone else had this happen? Were you able to rectify it? If so, how?

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