Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Portable Air Conditioner

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My apartment in Washington doesn’t allow window units and I can’t imagine surviving the summer months without A/C. I used to have a portable AC unit awhile ago, but I don’t have it anymore. I’m just looking to cool down the bedroom to be able to sleep comfortably but my apartment is roughly 600 sq feet so if I could crack the bedroom door to let my pets roam, that would be ideal.

I’m looking at a $300 De’Longhi model on costco with the three year warranty and I’ve always had a great experience with their return policy. It’s suppose to cool a 400 sq ft room.

There’s also models for roughly 230 or so that cool about the same size room, but I’m not sure if it’s worth spending a bit more on the costco model to get the warranty. I like that I could return it at a warehouse and not deal with shipping anything back.

There’s also a $300 double hose unit from Whynter but I’m seeing reviews about bad customer service and poor returns.

My instinct is to buy a slightly less efficient single hose unit at costco for a bit more because I want the safety of a good warranty policy or should I just buy the cheaper one for less money?

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