Saturday, June 1, 2019

Moving across the country

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We moved to NM from NC last July. Before we left NC we left some of our things in storage, our most valuable items that wouldn't fit. If I remember correctly, it's a 10x10 storage unit through Uhaul, we pay $100/mo. I miss my stuff and I am also tired of having to spend an extra $100/mo.

I've gotten several quotes from moving companies and they are crazy expensive.

Budget Truck rental seems like a good deal, my mother-in-law used one for her cross country move. I've done the math and total, I believe, the cost (including gas) would be around $1800.

I've also looked into busfreighters and Fed ex for my smaller items, therefore I could get a smaller truck

I also drive a Dodge nitro, that is capable of using a hitch system. But it does struggle to climb mountains, big ass car with a small as engine unfortunately. I don't know if this a good option, I've yet to try to haul anything with it.

What have any of y'all done for a move across the country to save money? I'm looking at the first week of August to move our stuff.

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