Friday, June 14, 2019

LionBridge said Fu*k you in my face without any explanation.

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Hey guys. How are you today?. Long story short, i applied at lionbridge couple of days ago and they told me that I'll work with them if i pass the exam and they will send me the study material in 13th of June. BUT yesterday they send me this message

" Dear ......... thank you for applying to the .........position with lionbridge. We regret to inform you however that you have been unsuccessful on this particular occasion and you will not receive the exam material as previously advised. Unfortunately due to the large volume of applications that we receive, we are not in position to provide individual feedback at this stage in the recruitment process. Thank you for your interest in this position. Kind Regards. lionbridge. BULLSH\T TEAM* ".

So, in a nutshell they told me to f*ck off without any further explanation. Why did they do that?. and what could i do right now? Should i apply with another Email or what?. And is there any company like lionbridge besides appen? because as far as i know appen take forever to review applications. and i really need some money right now. so what should i do?. Any kind of advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance, and sorry for bothering you.

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