Sunday, June 9, 2019

Library services you may not know you have

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It’s like Netflix paid for by your local library. I especially love it because the movies are surprisingly recent and well rated AND they have foreign films. Limited to 15 movies a month per person. So you can watch a movie every other day and stay under your limit, or share with someone and double your limit.


Download tons of audiobooks and ebooks for free from your library. Some can be transferred to Kobo or Kindle. When the books are due they just return themselves. Put holds on books you want and they download automatically once available.

Your local library’s website

You’d be surprised what may already be offered. My library in San Jose provides free NYTimes online subscriptions. I was paying $15/month for that. Now I just have to click a button on the website to get three free days when needed. I programmed a Siri shortcut to do this for me automatically and it’s so easy.

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