Wednesday, June 5, 2019

I have made a big desicion today that saved me alot of trouble for the future (Tl;DR at the bottom)

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A little background: I am in my 2nd year of my Bachelors degree right now and I plan on living with my parents until I finish that degree, so atleast until 2021. I do have a student job where I get around 1k a month on average and my monthly expenses are around 400-500 bucks (including the costs for the university that I share with my mom and other stuff).

So I do have a drivers license. Got it in July last year and it cost me almost 3k which kind of pisses me off but that's what I get for living in one of the most expensive cities in my country (also a reason why I still haven't moved out yet).

I do not have a car and don't really need one since I do have a bycicle and also a card for public transport. I basically just did my drivers license so I have it just in case.

Alright, now for the actual story: there is an offer from Renault right now where you can drive the electric Renault Zoe for 24 hours for free without any obligations. I thought to myself 'why not, doesn't hurt to practise some driving after almost a year'.

So I went there and drove it around for 24h. I kind of fell in love with that car because it's just perfect for the city and it drives very easily. After the 24h the guy made me an offer for the car and I told him I'll think about it but I never reached out to him again because I didn't plan on buying it anyway.

So a few days pass and I kind of start missing the feeling. I went on carwow and browsed it for Zoes. I actually found one that was 2k cheaper than what the guy offered me. So I reached out to that seller and he made me an offer. Basically it would be a Leasing contract. I would have to give him 3k from which I would get 2k back because our government wants to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles. After that I would have to pay around 300 bucks for 36 months (including insurance).

I was daydreaming about that car so much that I went trough most of the steps until he actually sent me the contact.

I got it yesterday and then I thought about it for a few hours. I realized that I do not need this car. I just want it. There is no reason for me to actually get it. Also my student job contract goes until March 2020 and I have to idea if it get's expanded.

After a lot of thinking I decided to text the car dealer that I don't want it anymore. And thank god that I came to that conclusion. Those 10k over 36 months would hurt me way too much. There are so many things in my current live that make way more sense to pay for.

Let's say I move out 2021. I will be so thankful that I didn't spend those 10k on the car I never needed.

Tl;DR: Almost got myself in debt because of a car I don't actually need. Saved myself over 10k by just using my brain before signing anything.

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