Sunday, June 9, 2019

How would you rate each offerwall's support?

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This is just from my experience over a couple of years. Usually I only submit ticket on offers that are ~100-200 SB:

The best supports IMO are Swagbucks itself (for gold surveys or offers on the front page. I've never done shopping with SB that hasn't credited) as they've always credited me within hours. A lot of people say Swagbucks support isn't good but I haven't ran into an issue with them, but I gotta say they're pretty good from my personal experience.

Radium One is also really good, credited within a day. But there sadly aren't many offers to do on there.

As for the bad, I've gotta say AdGate. I've been waiting nearly 2 months for a 1,600 SB offer I've completed, and they say they're "waiting for the advertiser" but I feel like the advertiser is just never gonna respond. Also AdGate sometimes the surveys redirect you and don't credit.

What about everyone else?

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