Monday, June 3, 2019

Hopeless and about to be homeless.

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Hey guys.

I am in a town with absolutely no jobs and more than 60% of the town living on some sort of welfare, which i can't qualify for. Long story short i am at the verge of being homeless soon and cant leave this town because of family reasons.

I have also been trying to get into Appen projects and used 2 different email accounts to apply, with 1st i was invited to Yukon which i failed and with the other account i applied for Inari UC. Now with the 1st one i see 9 or 10 projects available but nothing gets approved for qualification and in the 2nd one i have only Inari UC and no other projects.

My 2nd Account is approved and i think i also signed a contract for being an Independent Contractor. As i am new to this, i wanted to ask of any way i could get into a project? I am really desperate and deep into loans and want to get into a project and start making some money. Please please suggest me something to that i could start working.

Submitted June 03, 2019 at 03:00AM by EletricalTreat

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