Friday, June 7, 2019

Gift ideas

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I started propagating plants recently and I found that it not only brings me great joy but is also a great way to make cheep gifts for friends and family. My sister just moved in a new house and as a housewarming gift I gave her a little ficus elastica from a motherplant I got from a supermarket called Lidl for only .€10. I already have a few other plants in the making from propagating this beautiful plant. Tomorrow I am going to give a avocadoplant I grow from the seed to a friend of my.

To grow them it just takes a few minutes a week checking on them and refreshing the water. You don't even have to spend any money on pots if you don't want to because cleaned out food containers like tin cans or glass pots make nice pots. Otherwise you can just buy Terra cotta pots for cheap at your local plant/hardware store.

I started doing this after I got a plant from a family member that came from a plant that was in the family for about 50 years. It is one of my favorite gifts I ever got because it is so personal and keeps bringing me joy.

Of course plants are not for everyone. You have to make sure the person who receives this likes, and is able to take care for it.

I'm sorry if my English whas off. It is not my first language and I learned it mainly by watching films and reading threads on Reddit.

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