Sunday, June 2, 2019

Earn money: Join BPS-group for crypto-altcoins (the big pump signal group) TODAY for the big pump, 2 June 2019

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BPS has a lot of members. Everyone is welcome.

This is done with having some Bitcoin/usdt at the chosen exchange.

In this event, b i n a n c e is the exchange.

Then at given time (signals is given in discord or telegram), you buy the coin that is signaled so that you have bought in the beginning of the pump.

Then you sell after it pump - for profit.

Don't keep the coin to long thinking "this looks cool to keep yada yada". No you sell it after it has risen, because after a pump - it will go down again. Don't be to greedy and wait to long. Sell it before it dump.

Read: It can go as fast as 30 seconds from buy to sell.

It all is under your own control, Awareness, signals and timing is your friend.

Link to discord:

discord .gg/SctQBQS

The discord-group have many channels with information, how-to, chat, the pump-signals, links to the telegram-group for getting the initial pump-signals the way you want it, website, etc.

Read about how this is done, and how you can prepare for easy "entrance and exit".

All is under YOUR control, and no info about you is *ever asked for*.

Good luck.

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