Thursday, June 13, 2019

Cost Savings With a Electric Car

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Just wanted to share my experience and cost savings with a electric car that I purchased about 3 weeks ago for anyone in the market for a used car.

I purchased a 2017 Nissan Leaf with about 10k miles on it for $14k (plus tax and fees) and its has been nothing but an amazing (and cost saving) experience for me. I have a daily commute of about 45 miles (well within the Nissan Leaf's range) and my work offers free charging. So far I have probably saved about $30/week in fuel cost just commuting to work, plus weekend trip around town. I live in PNW region where the climate is perfect for electric cars, we don't get the extreme hot and cold temperature which is hard on the batteries. Washington also has some of the lowest electricity rates in the country thanks to hydro-power (.1/kw in Seattle area), meaning a full charge here is about $3 which provides a 100 mi range (depending on driving condition). Additionally, the maintenance required for EV cars minimal (tire rotation, air filers, windshield wipers and fluid).

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