Thursday, June 6, 2019

Best website(s) that aren't BS that can I earn money online with little to no experience?

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I'm a college student and pretty poor. Don't have that much experience.(working on a Associate of Arts degree, have 3 classes left!) There are things that I know of from reading here, but I don't know where to start. I'm mainly looking for something that's easy that I can fill my time with this summer. I'm mainly looking to get some pocket money on the side for steam cards, amazon cards, Paypal etc etc. It's always nice to have extra spending money.

Things i'm interested in:

-Youtube. (This is purely for a hobby, not a full time gig) and to get paid you gotta get like 1k views or crazy amounts of watch time which is silly.

Pro gaming/Streaming on Twitch- This one is out of the question lmao, there's no way in heck I can get that good over the summer, maybe it's possible but would require loads of coaching and by then maybe not even worth it. Maybe someday though! If I get good obviously. Which not everyone can make it to the big leagues either. Also, trash wifi makes things hard, and even trying to get good at games like mobas, fighters, and fps takes loads of practice. OR I could be very funny/satirical which I could do but not with my wifi haha.

-Freelance writing. (I've done freelance creative writing stories for fun and I'm working on a fantasy novel atm) doubt i'll get anywhere with that, but I've heard there are sites that pay pretty decently, but I'm wondering if they're any sites that pay for freelance through Paypal?

Things I've tried.

Survey sites: Complete BS. I've tried many of them, and they're so dumb. Here's why: The pay outs take forever, the surveys boot you out if you don't "qualify" whatever the heck that means, and the daily tasks don't earn you that much at all, and let's not forget all of the BS scammy websites you have to go through to even find the "legitimate" ones. Although, coincidentally enough. The only ones I've found minor success on is PrizeRebel, that one is actually pretty decent, but again pay outs take forever and I use vpns a lot and they don't like that ;(

TLDR College student looking to make some side cash to spend on steam cards, food, or whatever on the side. Would appreciate any help, and sites that use Paypal as payment would be appreciated!

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