Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Appen: Cannot join any project because my account has status waiting for review

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Hi all,

I want to ask about my Appen account status. Two weeks ago, they send me invitation for the exam on the first project I applied to. When I finished the exam, I received the mail I passed the exam and continue go through the next step. After that, I have signed many contracted document on Appen Connect.

After finishing to signed document on Appen Connect, I received the status of my account when I log back in the system

" Thank you for completing the required forms. Your documents have been received, and after we review them, we will finalize your registration.

A follow-up email will be sent if we notice any discrepancies in your paperwork."

I have been waited for their next email for two-weeks until now, but I did not receive any email from them. Currently, My account is still under review status.

Does anyone know how long would they send me the email to activate my account ?

Thanks for reading!

Submitted June 04, 2019 at 11:55PM by David_Ti19 http://bit.ly/31caLnw

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