Thursday, May 23, 2019

Working online expectations.

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Im lucky enough to only need about 800 GBP a month (more is better and that is about 1000 American dollars at current exchange rates) but unlucky enough to have lost my career due to physical problems, construction is impossible now.

Even as a stop gap is it possible utilising a variety of and all the other sites people helpfully list to bring in 250 dollars a week without having to do 100hours a week. Even just as a stopgap until I find something else? I'm looking at about 1 to 4 ratio in terms of time spent transcribing. I will get quicker and more accurate as I used to be one hell of a fast typer.

Someone posted a long list of sites and said they wax and wane in terms of available quality work so it's good to scan them and use them at their optimum times.

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