Wednesday, May 29, 2019


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Hi, I’m currently taking a lionbridge rating exam, and I ran into an issue, just 3 hours before the deadline. I’m honestly panicking right now.

So I have finished part 1 and 2, that’s for sure. I got an email, and went into part 3. I finished tasks, and the evaluation platform told me there is no tasks available for me, so I thought I was done.

And few hours later, I went back just to double check to see if I really finished part 3, because I didn’t get any email saying I did. There I saw a task available for me, so I thought I messed up (I got kicked out one of task because I was away from my laptop, so I thought this is probably what caused this) And tried to work on that task too.

However, while task does show up on my laptop, the mobile device can’t road a sent link from the task (which is required) and tells me that there is no tasks available. But it is for my laptop.

What do you guys should I do? Should I still try and complete this task without using my mobile device, or just ignore and hope that it works out?

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