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Work from the comfort of your home is trending to avoid traffic, atmosphere pollution, to be your own Boss, work whenever you are in a mood to work, flexible hours, apart from all these benefits some hurdles are associated with this, you need to keep patience, because Rome was not built in a day, to develop business working from home is like establishing an Industry

Some simple jobs like doing the survey, paid to click adv., apps tester, freelancing of your passion almost all are free to join & start earning pocket money.details in Freshers in online business

Main income source is from Blogging, creating a website & affiliate marketing or in other word promoting a product7company/website/services which require lots of time, efforts a little money, in this segment most of the people fail due to the lack of knowledge, losing patience due to not getting initial benefits you may read more in Path for online marketing

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, therefore, many opportunities to gain, download entertaining, tutorial videos as many as possible after generating viewers you can earn by the advertisement on the videos

Social media like Facebook are gaining revenues & emerging platforms are sharing revenues with the active members, you may earn by participating in daily activities like using FB. I had written in length in Social media Pay

Trading is also one of another way to earn but I will not advise until & unless you are not aware of the market's ups & down, it's risky too.

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