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Teach ESL at Say ABC for $15/h (up to $21/h) as an ESL tutor

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Hey there!

This is my second post on this subreddit, the first one was about a tutoring opportunity at Gogo kid. To make it clear, I work at both schools so I'm open to any and all questions.


- Native level of English (I know this sounds like they would consider non-native speakers but I had a friend apply and she was rejected so I'm not sure they do).

- Bachelor's degree (or last year student)

- Relevant teaching experience is preferred.

- TEFL, TESOL, CELTA or any other certificate is a major plus.

Classes: Say ABC is a Chinese ESL school offering group classes to kids 5-12 (I've had younger kids in class). The difference with this school and some other i.e. Gogo kid, is that the system assigns you classes not the parents. The system works on your availability, the more classes in advance you open, the better your chances are of having a full schedule. You'll get most classes if you open up your schedule three months in advance. The classes are 40 minutes and with max. four students. They have GREAT lessons, take this from someone who's worked at four other companies. All lesson plans are made by the National Geographic and are really great at keeping the kids' attention. You need to be in the classroom five minutes ahead of time.

Time: During the weekdays classes start at "peak time" which is 6:10 pm - 9:10 pm Beijing time. During the weekends you can open two additional slots from 9:50 am to 11:20 am BJT on top of the regular times.

Pay: $15 per hour plus incentives. Since they cram four classes into what's effectively $40 (without bonuses) for 3h20mins.

Incentives: You get an extra $4 after finishing nine lessons in a unit and an extra $6 for finishing the nine lessons in the "hot" slot which is the 7:40 - 8:20 pm BJT. This means that after every ninth lesson with a certain class you will either get $36 or $54 extra.

Interview: You book your interview through the website. It's usually with one of their Chinese staff and, for me, it was super easy. The girl was laid back and just asked me a couple of basic questions from my resume. Then we had a mock class where she pretended to be a kid and I taught her the lesson. She gave me feedback and said well done. I then proceeded to finish my application and book another class except this time it was with a real student. It was also fairly easy, you just have to prepare props and be energetic. I got feedback on what I needed to improve and that was it.

My advice for the interview is just prepare many props, smile and just be overall friendly. Please ask if I forgot to mention anything. Thanks :)

Here is my referral link:

And here is the direct link to SAY ABC's website:

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