Monday, May 27, 2019

SingleCare is A Great Offer! (United States)

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Apologies for not posting earlier so it may not be available now, but I haven't seen any posts for the SingleCare offer. If you have a prescription you need to refill soon, and usually pick it up at a major pharmacy, you can get a SingleCare card (works like GoodRX if you know what that is) and get discounts on your prescription + 1000SB. You get $5 of your first fill so you'll be saving at least $5 and getting 1000SB.

Your Card CANNOT be combined with insurance, so only do this if you have a cheap prescription.

I had a $7 prescription, that dropped down to $2, and I got 1000SB exactly a month later. It didn't go pending for me, so don't worry if it doesn't for you. Still credits without a ticket. Keep a picture the pharmacy receipt to be safe. I personally recommended printing out your card instead of emailing it or texting, makes things a little easier at the pharmacy. (They had to take my phone and enter the information manually.)

There actually seems to be a lot of pharmacy-related offers, like getting GoodRX Gold (waiting for my 72 days to be up) and Blink Health, which works at less pharmacies. Good luck!

Edit: Made the bold text stand out a little more. Also, I missed the opportunity to joke about going to Canada. Absolutely heartbroken.

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