Saturday, May 11, 2019

Questions about how worth it some paid sites are:

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So from my emails. Heres some that I always skip over because it just doesn't look appealing/ not worth my time. Am I missing out?:

Smiley360 - 10 points? per survey What does this equate to?

Quickthoughts app - like $1 or less for a 10-20 minute survey...

So many american consumer opinion emails. - only drawing for $100 amazon card. Has anyone won the drawings?

opinion share - 62 cents? 8 minutes?

accelerant research - 2.50$ - 20 mins

ff transcription - 40 cents per audio minute

mturk - havent touched. I honestly don't even know how it works or the basics.

neevo - heard bad things and haven't signed up yet.

USer -nothing happens from any of my screeners!

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