Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Next Level Grocery Couponing, Fishing.

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I recently confirmed/discovered how to save more by splitting transactions at grocery stores that issue manufacturers coupons at time of purchases. COUPONS LIKE, say for example, save $1.00 off item A when you buy 3. The value off is somewhat consistent but the quantity required to purchase has consistently been based on current purchases. If I buy 3, the next coupon might require 4 or 5. But if I buy 2, the next coupon might only require 3. And in a scenario where I wanted 5, I potentially save more by "fishing" for coupons by purchasing 2 and then 3. A lot of free savings out there.

CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING: Use with major brands only, wait for store discounts and other coupons, try it with 2 or 3 items but expect best results with 4-5 minimum , works best for bulk buying. Live your normal shopping life and recognize when a product you've purchased is issuing you this type of coupon and plan accordingly.

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