Friday, May 10, 2019

Negotiate Repair Prices with Manufacturers

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After reading a number of posts in this sub-reddit, I decided to just shoot my shot and haggle with the manufacturer.

My roomba recently broke down. I tried to repair it myself to no avail. I gave the company a call to have the parts repaired and was advised that it would cost $125 (it was outside the warranty period). However, I politely noted that the price was too high and did not feel reasonable (also tossed in that I own a number of their other products). After being put on hold, they informed me that they can lower the price to $75, which would also put on a 1 year warranty on those respective parts.

I also understand, I could most likely have reached out to a 3rd party vendor to get this repaired, but keep in mind I prefer dealing with manufacturers who know these products inside out. This is a personal preference.

TDLR: Always try to haggle even if you don't think it's possible. Worse case scenario, they say no.

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